Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Industrial Terrain

Started putting together some industrial terrain pieces for both Crisis Point 2012 and for my Guild 2012 'Arctic Strike' Project. Many more in different stages of construction and I will post them as soon as they are completed. I try to use everyday objects and so avoid buying too much. I have ordered a bit from Old Crow (Pipelines, Silo and Storage Tanks) but all the rest is made from rubbish!

 Storage Tanks/Oil Refinery made from bottle lids and the centre tubes from till rolls. The lower larger diameter tanks are toy tins from a child's shopping set toy.
 Some more till rolls with screw caps used on flat pack furniture and back right you can just see party poppers with red paper clips coming out of the top.
Aerial view showing completed pieces so far. Plenty more to come over then next few days!



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