Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Help IDing Indian Aircraft

Can anyone help with identifying these aircraft lined up at Ambala Airbase during the 1965 IndoPak conflict.


  1. Richard,

    Those are either Hawker Audaxes or Hawker Hardys. (Or possible Hawker Demons).


  2. In fact there are loads of Hawker aircraft from the 1930s that are all pretty similar in appearance. Several of them have that distinctive, dog-legged exhaust pipe in some versions.

    The Hawker Hart was the first, entering service as a bomber in January 1930 and immediately causing problems as it was faster than any of the RAF's fighters at the time. This led to the Hawker Demon Fighter, the Hawker Audax army co-operation aircraft, the Hawker Hartebeeste for teh South African Airforce and the Hawker Hardy general purpose aircraft.

    What you have there could be any of these. They tend to vary only in terms of the engine powering them. You need an expert to tell them apart.