Monday, 2 July 2012

Made a Start - Arctic Strike 2013

Made a start on some terrain pieces for Arctic Strike 2013. Using my plasterboard tape window method with some packaging, coloured card and textured card from Hobbycraft I made up some Fisherman's Huts that appear around the coasts of Northern Norway and along the edges of the many fjords. I also plan to make some of the large fish drying racks that appear but am experimenting with the best method of doing them. Sprue stretching seems to be the best method so far, as it gives me a really thin plastic rod. I hope to get a sample done this week.

Anyway back to the Fisherman's Huts.

Got lots of buildings for Bodo to do including the Radisson Hotel and the Cathedral both major landmarks. Also started work on the airport terminal building. I will post some WIP photos soon.

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