Monday, 2 July 2012

Pole Rebasing

After seeing Steve's great Soviet armour at Crisis Point and after discussing plans for Arctic Strike I have decided to ditch my old basing method with the labels on. I may still use them for a different project we shall see. So I have started rebasing my Polish 7th Naval Assault Landing Division with some additions from my big purchase from David Lambert.

So here is the beginning of the 7th!

Naval Infantry plus Topas 2AP transports (Conversion using H&R BTR-50 + turret from H&R WWII Italian Autoblinda a/c - thanks to Mark Bevis for this great idea and I think they look spot on)

Close up view showing the results of the conversion better

Heavy Weapons Platoons (HMG + Mortar) in Topas 2AP's 

Ant-Tank Platoon (AT-4 Spigot + SPG-9)

Another view of Anti-Tank Platoons

Engineers with Flamethrowers + BTR-50 transports

T55 support for Naval Infantry

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