Sunday, 29 April 2012

Arctic Strike 2013

As the dust settles from Crisis Point 2012 and the victorious Soviet forces continue their advance through the Lowlands thoughts turn to:-

Arctic Strike 2013 - Fortress Norway

After the success of Crisis Point 2012 the planning has started for Arctic Strike 2013 - 'Fortress Norway' a Cold War Commander Mega Game set in 1991 inspired by the book 'Arctic Strike' by Michael A Palmer (ISBN 0-380-75844-X. The book describes the events surrounding a hypothetical invasion of Norway by the Soviet Union. We have used the book as the basis for the game with some additions to allow players to use forces they have available or forces they would like to use. For example in the book the Swedes do not commit ground forces to the defence of Norway but we are planning to use Swedes as we want to see some S-Tanks on the table, the more unusual the unit the better. 

Keep watching for further details.

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