Wednesday, 11 April 2012

IndoPak Wars 1965 & 1971 Terrain Project - TEA PLANTATION UPDATE

Made a start on the Tea Plantation.

Basic form using packaging interior with mounting card on outside
 I then add plaster board tape to represent the windows, I find it really easy to work with as it is self adhesive.
The plantation begins to take shape
Another view of the Tea Plantation buildings.


  1. That looks great. I haven't ventured into the Indo-Pak wars, but that is my next CY6 project. I do like the mix of vehicle and aircraft types. Your buildings are top notch.

  2. I am really digging your buildings! Any chance you might share the files you used to print out the windows and such? I have been using the Lock 'N Load World at War series games converted to 4" GHQ terrain maker hexes for my modern scenarios. I just got Operation Garbo, which covers fighting between the Swedes and the I am looking forward to your Arctic Lightning games for inspiration.

  3. Hi Soldaten,

    Thanks for your comments. The windows are produced by painting the building black then getting some of the self adhesive plaster board tape which is used to cover joins in plaster board before the skim and sticking it on then covering with strips of card etc.