Monday, 9 April 2012

IndoPak Wars 1965 & 1971 Terrain Project - TEA PLANTATION

I have always been interested in the wars between India and Pakistan that took place in 1965 & 1971 and have been researching them for a few years with the idea of eventually getting some kit together to wargame the period. After a purchase from Piers from the Guild I became the proud owner of his 1/300th IndoPak forces but I have never really got past the stage of research. They are fascinating wars with great ideas for wargames from some of the largest tank battles since WWII to heliborne river crossings. Another thing which attracted me to this period was the mixture of old and new equipment, Shermans, T34's & Chaffees from WWII and M47's, M48's, Centurions and Vijayanta's from the modern period.

I had planned to fight specific battles like Assal Uttar or Barapind but I have decided to make plenty of terrain features from across the war zones as there are some great modelling opportunities - Canals and Irrigation Channels, Railways, Tea Plantations, Flooded areas, Radar stations on mountain peaks and many many more. So I plan to make certain terrain features and incorporate them into games. I may still do Assal Uttar as looking at Bob Mackenzies recent game it is a very interesting battle to game.

So on to the first terrain piece, a Tea Plantation. I plan to base it on the picture below.

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