Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crisis Point 2012 - First Pics

Just returned from the CWC Big Game - Crisis Point 2012 and here are some of the pics from the two day event organised brilliantly by Richard Crawley (SOTCW). A fantastic weekends wargaming was had by all and the mighty Soviet hordes crushed the NATO forces that dared to stand before the power of the Motherland.

These are in no particular order, I will try and sort through them and put up an AAR but for now I hope these pictures will suffice. Check out Richard Crawleys blog for more great shots and some games info.

The Lippe Table

Lippe Table

Lippe Table

The Kanal and River Lippe looking west

Looking east towards Hunxe

The bridge over the Kanal and Lippe at Hunxe

Impressive Baggage Train bridge kindly donated for Crisis Point 2012

West of the Maas Table

Venlo Table

Soviet rear area table with Scud and Frog launchers

Soviet artillery

Venlo table

West of the Maas (Great Timecast buildings from the Grimsby Lads

More from the Grimsby Lads

Gordons Chemical attack goes in

Soviet air support

Gordons' Airborne in BMD's consolidate their landing zone

East German 150th Diversionary Battalion deploys deep behind enemy lines

Polish T55's trundle across the Lippe

More T55's

The Soviet Airborne straight into combat with US Light Infantry

US Command Unit

NATO Rear Area Table (Great supply dumps by Ian S)

The Soviet Airborne take the Hunxe branch of Lidl and immediately clear the shelves of Vodka

West German Air Support

More NATO air support

The bridge over the Maas at Venlo

T80's press forward West of the Maas

Leopards prepare for the Soviet onslaught

Leopard 1's concealed in woods await targets

150th Diversionary Battalion secure the airfield

More to follow

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