Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crisis Point 2012 - More Pics

More pictures from the CWC Big Game - Crisis Point 2012

The Grimsby Lads impressive array of Soviet amphibious equipment

More amphibious equipment

US Rangers launch their heliborne assault on Soviet rear table

The target of the US assault, the Soviet artillery

Hardened shelters by Ian S

Ian S's great little supply depots

East Germans cross the Lippe

East Germans advance on Hunxe

Southern Lippe table

Nice shot of Gordon's ZSU 23-4 in winter camo (just took photo as I liked the model)

Polish 7th Heavy Battalion (Test Bn) finally reach the Soviet paratroops and support immediately taking out a US TOW launcher 

Reserve (Obsolete) Polish IS-II and IS-III's support Soviet Airborne 

After multiple attacks on it the Polish Bridgelayer still survives to complete its task of covering the cratered road in Hunxe

The view from the pub (a bit random)

Chris J's fantastic repair unit with scratchbuilt T55 ARV, I will be using this great piece as inspiration for mine

Another view of the repair unit

Chris J's EW unit

Another view of EW unit

A Mi 24 Hind used to great effect during the game

A Russian aircraft flys low over Hunxe 

Colonel Reinharts' M60's

Soviet T-80's race forward to capture the NATO supply lines

Another great HQ base

The Soviets cross the Maas on the morning of Day 2

2 of the 3 Grimsby Lads discuss the Soviet advance

Soviet artillery

NATO Supply Dumps

Russian armour crosses the Maas

NATO's secret weapon, a full Battalion of Sheep. Luckily for WP Forces they weren't deployed.

East German 150th Diversionary Battalion stops for a kick about before advancing on

Polish and East German tanks continue the slow advance towards Hunxe

East German T54's from the 17 MSD vs Dug In US Light Infantry

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